Tour Islay & Jura with Islay Tuk Tuk

Book a tour of Islay or Jura. 

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In need of transport around Islay or Jura? Maybe you have a tour in mind or just welcome some fresh air and panoramic views in between sampling your favourite drams.  Arrive at your choice of destination refreshed with the wind in your hair & laughter in your heart. 

Tuk can carry 2 passengers, camping gear, dogs, cats, chickens, goats… mother-in-law’s can go for free on the roof & have a free swipe at the driver!

Professionally made picnic hampers from local business can be arranged. 

Unique island adventure tours.

Get in touch to book in advance via or Direct Message @islaytuktuk on Instagram.

Unfortunately we cannot carry children of age / size who legally require car seats. The Tuk Tuk has lap belts which are UK road safe and compliant for adults but not children.